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A Guide to Vehicle Wrap Installation

There are many who do not know what vehicle wrap is and how it is installed. This article gives you information about vehicle wraps and its installation. Here, then, is a discussion about vehicle wraps and how to install them.

It is not difficult to know wrap a vehicle wrap is and it is simply a special material used to wrap a vehicle around. You can apply graphics and art wok to your vehicle wrap. This is a cost-effective but high quality alternative to a labor-extensive custom paint job. Unlike paint, vehicle wraps can easily be removed if it has already accomplished its purpose. This is helpful if you are just leasing the vehicle.

If you are going to wrap your vehicle, then you need to choose a good material for it. We will discuss the two common materials used for vehicle wraps below. The wrap material that you will choose will depend upon your budget and the needs of your project. Now, let’s look at the materials used for vehicle wraps and reasons to use it.

If you want to make your vehicle looks like it is newly painted but is actually not, then you use a vehicle wrap. A common material to use for your vehicle wrap is cast film. If you use cast film, you accomplish this very well, that is, it will truly look like a custom paint job. This material con forms to the shape of the vehicle being wrapped. The thickness of cast film is 2 mm, thus giving your vehicle a painted look. Cast film is a very durable material which can stay on your vehicle for as long as five years. However, the price of cast film is higher than the other materials used for vehicle wraps.

Vinyl is the other material used for vehicle wraps. The use of vinyl is for individual graphics and not for full vehicle wrap. This is why the price for the vinyl option is lower. This wrap is affordable and can be used for low-budget projects. However, it is less durable and prone to aesthetic abnormalities. Though not a long term solution, it can still do a good job.

The first thing to do before applying the wrap is to clean your car’s exterior. All waxes and other substances should be removed so that the wrap will stick. It would easier to install the wrap if it is done under optimal temperature. You need to tape down the vinyl wrap first with a masking tape where you want it to stay. You can apply the vinyl using squeegee before removing the tape. If you want to release air bubbles trapped inside, you need to use an air release tool. If a full vehicle wrap, you need a very sharp blade for cutting and trimming around door handles, wheel wells, etc. Make this your fun DIY project.

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