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A guide to Dealing with 4 Month Sleep Regression.

When a toddler who has been sleeping well suddenly changes the sleeping habits, it is usually referred to as sleep regression. During the regression, the baby may resist to sleep, wakes up many times and after a short while, or take a longer time to fall asleep. Mostly, sleep regression occurs at age 3 or 4 months, age 9 or past one and a half years. What causes sleep 4 month sleep regression and how can a mother ease the situation?

Toddlers at the age of 4 to 6 months starts taking note of the surroundings and people around them. The 6 month old napping schedule is interfered as the baby does not want to sleep, the toddler want to explore and play. The toddler sleeps late hours, since the sleeping schedule was interfered with.

The a caregiver should engage the toddler with plays at the convenient time that will not affect the sleeping schedule. Have a bath and massage before sleeping so that the toddler can relax and sleep well.

If the feeding schedule has been altered, sleep regression will also occur. If the toddler feeds earlier than he or she is used to, the baby might wake up at night, possibly due to hunger. The feeding schedule should be maintained to avoid sleep regression.

If the diet has been changed, sleep regression can also occur. Remember that the baby is still a toddler, and not used to consuming several types of foods. At that age, the toddler is on breast or formula milk. A 6 months old sleeping schedule will be interfered with when the formula or breast milk is changed. To avoid this problem, any change of diet can be done early morning so that the caregiver can have enough time during the day to monitor any subsequent changes to baby behavior.

When a baby get affected by change of weather from travelling, sleeping habit will also be affected. The weather change makes the toddler not to sleep well at night, and hardly naps during the day. They may also suffer from cold-related symptoms such as flue due to the change of weather, thus affecting their sleeping schedule. Avoid travelling with toddlers of this age, unless where need be. Keep the toddler warm to avoid interfering with the napping schedule of the baby.

Come up with a routine to be followed during sleep time. The sleeping schedule can comprise of an early meal, bath and a story reading moment to make the toddler fall asleep.

Focus on the several ways of alleviating the 4 month sleep regression,, as well as what causes it. Understand that each baby may respond differently from the given ways of concurring sleep regression.

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